Putin set on ‘big war’ against West behind new Iron Curtain, expert warns

Vladimir Putin wants a 'big war' against NATO in a bid to develop a new Iron Curtain, a top Russian political scientist has claimed.

Professor Grigory Yudin has said that the Russian president aims to start by taking Ukraine and Moldova before trying to occupy eastern Europe.

Dr Yudin, who is a professor at the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences also believes that countries in the West will do little to save the likes of Poland and Lithuania if the worst does happen and the Russian leader decides to invade.

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He said: “We must free ourselves of the illusion that this is a war between Russia and Ukraine from [Kremlin] leadership’s point of view,”

“The Russian leadership doesn’t believe Ukraine exists.

“It is impossible to fight what doesn’t exist….

“[To them] the war in Ukraine is really against the West.”

Yudin explains that Putin sees the entirety of Eastern Europe as his own and that it is already within the plans of their military to take Moldova.

But, he doesn't think Russia is ready for a 'big war' yet, adding: “They cannot reach it yet due to not being technically prepared.

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“But Moldova is there [in the plans] without any doubt…”

He has previously claimed that Putin would order a general mobilisation for “the most senseless war in history”.

And that the war has been considered investable for a long time by the Russian military.

Dr Yudin also claimed that the crazed Russian leader is surrounded by “Hitler fans” in his entourage.

The professor from the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences issued a stark warning in an interview with presenter Arshaluis Mgdesyan that if the Russian leadership continues “we will inevitably see the war in all these territories [of eastern Europe] – and possibly even further.”


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