Putin warned military coup most likely to overthrow twisted regime

Ukraine authorities discuss mass burial site in Izyum

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A military coup is the most likely way that Vladimir Putin’s regime would be overthrown an analyst of Russian politics has said. 

Vladimir Juškin said that there are only two possible ways things in Russia could change, but Russian generals are more likely to overthrow Putin than a popular uprising. 

Mr Juškin said that Russian generals are already voicing their displeasure at being made scapegoats for Russia’s military failures. 

However, he added that the current administration’s idea of the Russkiy Mir (Russian world) that it uses to justify its imperial ambitions could remain for decades. 

He said: “As long as Putin and his closest allies live, it will not be going anywhere. It is the only idea that ties them all together. Because the disappearance of the Russkiy Mir and the imperial consciousness would mean an end to those people and the regime. That is why it is not going anywhere. It could try and hide, change its appearance, but it is the only thing propping up the imperial sentiment.”


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