Queen very proud of Harry – she loved him and William equally, says expert

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Tensions between Prince Harry and the Royal Family have been high since he sensationally stepped back from official duties in 2020, but that didn't stop the Queen from being "very proud" of him, Royal biographer Andrew Morton has claimed.

The Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle shocked the world when they stepped down from royal duties in 2020 and moved to California, where they now live with their two children, and took part in their bombshell Oprah interview.

Harry's relationship with brother Prince William has been strained for some time and they have made very few public appearances together, with Harry's visits to the UK being few and far between report the Mirror.

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But despite the two leading very different lives — with William now second-in-line to the thrown — the Queen was "very proud" of harry and "loved them both equally", Royal biographer Andrew Morton claimed.

The author said: The Queen and Prince Philip were very proud of Harry’s service, and that he had found something that meshed with his talents. If it had been up to him, Harry would have served his full term.

"When I watched them walk past the Cenotaph on Wednesday, and Harry and Andrew were unable to salute, it was a real humiliation.

"But Harry has not made a big fuss about it – he is doing what his grandmother wanted.

"I suspect the idea for both brothers to wear uniform for the vigil is an olive branch from Charles. It seems clear to me that they are trying to embrace Harry again – or at least show him that he is valued. It is also an attempt to keep the focus on the funeral, not the relationship between the two princes."

Mr Morton also claimed that while she treated William differently, Harry could always "get instant access when he wanted".

Harry and the Queen were known to have shared a 'unique bond' and in April 2022, after visiting his grandmother during a trip to Europe, Harry spoke of their "special relationship".

The author said: "While the treatment of the heir and their younger sibling can be imbalanced, there is no doubt the Queen loved the boys equally.

"After all, the royals may be known as The Firm, but they are still a family. She was CEO and he a fairly junior director, but he still had access to the boss. I think an awful lot of that was down to Harry having lost his mum."

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