‘Rapidly rising water levels’ prompt city to warn Edmontonians to stay away from North Saskatchewan River

The City of Edmonton warned people to stay away from the North Saskatchewan River late Friday afternoon because of its “rapidly rising water levels.”

“Water levels are expected to increase three metres in the next 48 hours and could result in excess debris in the river as well as walking trails and boat launches being submerged in low-lying areas,” the city said in a news release.

The city asked Edmontonians to keep boats off the river and pets away from the waterway.

“Park users are asked to obey all signs and detours,” the city said. “Anyone who sees a person or animal in need of rescue should not enter the water, but call 911.”

Jason Penner, a spokesperson for Alberta Environment and Parks, said the rising water on the river is the result of rain that started to fall on Wednesday.


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