Resident’s fury after man delivering Covid tests ‘filmed peeing outside house’

A council employee has been filmed apparently urinating in the street while he was on duty going door-to-door delivering coronavirus testing kits.

CCTV shows the staff member seemingly relieving himself against a garage in Hallaton Road, Humberstone, Leicestershire Live reports.

The resident, who does not wish to be named, said he was so upset at what he saw that he followed the member of staff round the corner and challenged him and his colleagues as they were sitting in a council mini-bus on the street.

He told Leicestershire Live: "I was so angry about what I’d seen.

"The first thing was that you don’t want anyone – let alone someone who works for the council – peeing outside your house because it’s a disgusting thing to do.

"Secondly, where was he going to wash his hands?

"He had his blue gloves on while he was doing it and this is while he’s going around the house handing out test kits to the public. That’s not hygienic."

According to the resident, the incident happened on Sunday (January 24) morning and spurred the man to complain to a supervisor and then via email to Leicester mayor Sir Peter Soulsby.

The man recorded his confrontation as he approached the mini-bus, opened the door, and demanded to know who was in charge.

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He said: "He couldn’t deny it. He even took me back to where he’d done it and he wouldn’t apologise.

"He kept saying dogs urinate in the street and that the rain would wash it away anyway.

"I kept telling him people weren’t allowed to urinate in the street and can get fined for doing it.

"He got quite angry, I was quite angry."

The staff member's colleagues then asked the resident to formally report the incident rather than carry on the argument in the street as they tried to diffuse it with one admitting what had happened was not acceptable.

The employee in question allegedly told the man: "You have nothing to do in your life sir? Go and do better things."

"I get that they are doing an important job, but if they need a comfort break they should be given time to go to a toilet not spray it up against a wall in the street," said the angry resident.

A spokeswoman said the council was aware of the incident and that the employee had been sent straight home after it.

She said: "An incident involving a member of the door knocking team was reported to us yesterday morning, by another member of staff.

"The person at the centre of the incident was asked to go home immediately.

"We are now investigating, and appropriate action will be taken."

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