Russian anchor erupts at prospect of mass nationalisation

Russian TV host fumes at idea of nationalising technologies

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A state-controlled television host has blasted suggestions that the Kremlin should launch a mass nationalisation of Russian infrastructure amid fears Moscow’s economy would collapse. During a debate on the Kremlin-owned network Russia One, the anchor erupted at the prospect of widespread nationalisation as he declared the country would simply stop operating. The shocking broadcast has highlighted an internal realisation within Russia that the state has relied largely on Western technologies to facilitate domestic industries. This follows declarations from President Putin that the Kremlin had plans to further distance itself from the “collective West,” which he has blamed for the war in Ukraine.

Speaking on the Russia One network, the host declared: “You say let’s nationalise, let’s take everything from the Germans now. Our Sapsans will stop tomorrow. What are we going to ride on?”

“There’s nothing to drive on, we just have to accept that. Of course, it’s easy to stand on an armoured car saying let’s nationalise everything. 

“What will we drive? What will we use to make phone calls? What are we going to do?”

The Sapsan is a model of high-speed train used across Russia which is manufactured by the German-based company Siemens.

As the host’s tirade continued, other presenters appeared visibly shocked by his outburst.

He added: Everything we have is Western. We can nationalise everything now and what are we going to do the next day?

“A simple question – no answer, but of course everyone agrees with you.” 

During the broadcast, propagandist Olga Skabeyeva looked visibly bemused and appeared to roll her eyes at the claims of her colleague.

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The heated debate comes as yet another signal that President Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is facing a drastic decline in domestic support.

The host suggested mass nationalisation was not a credible policy and could lead to the collapse of the Russian transport system and wider industries.

Anton Gerashchenko, an advisor to Ukraine’s Minister of Internal Affairs, reacted to a clip of the broadcast: “Russia is suddenly realising that they depend completely on Western technologies.”

He mockingly added: “Did you want to kill people and at the same time use Western technologies and vacation in Europe?”

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Former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul shared a clip of the fierce exchange in a tweet which added: “That this can be said on national television is a good sign. The regime is cracking. The elite is panicking.”

In a particularly humiliating development for the war in Ukraine, Russian military forces have withdrawn from the occupied region of Kherson.

The UK Ministry of Defence has indicated the retreat is likely to inflict “significant reputational damage” as the southern region was one of four areas the Kremlin had formally announced plans to annex.

Notably, the drastic shift in Russian military strategy was not announced by the Russian President, who has previously led pivotal updates concerning the war in Ukraine.

Instead, plans for the embarrassing retreat were declared on Russian state television by Kremlin military leader General Sergey Surovikin.

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