Russian propaganda claims Kremlin nuclear missiles ‘ready for immediate launch’

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Russia's propaganda machine is in full swing after experts on Kremlin-backed TV channels were seen telling viewers that it had nuclear missiles “ready to go”.

Despotic President Vladimir Putin is thought to be panicking over the fact that his attempts at calling up 300,000 conscripts has been failing miserably, with around 180,000 fleeing the country so far.

And while the rest of the world watches on and continues its support for Ukraine, Putin appears to be ramping up his nuclear rhetoric via Kremlin-backed TV.

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According to reports in the country, Colonel Mikhail Khodarenok, a military commentator, told Rossiya 1 TV: “As regards special nuclear combat units, due to the fact that we signed a lot of documents on the prohibition of nuclear weapons testing, nuclear warheads are not being detonated now to check their serviceability.

“But at the same time maintenance work is carried out on them, their serviceability and readiness for operational use is checked.

“We guarantee that our nuclear missile shield is not dilapidated and is in full working order and ready for immediate use.”

And, shockingly, presenter Olga Skabeyeva, who has become Putin's favourite mouthpiece in recent months, said: “In other words the good news at the end of 2022 is that we are guaranteed to destroy the West.”

Her show also concocted a slur against Britain in claiming that British military divers were behind the explosions in the Nord Stream gas pipelines under the Baltic, despite claiming a day earlier that Americans were responsible.

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The Western consensus is that this was an operation conducted by the Russians, acting as a warning of Putin’s capability to cause mayhem by exploding key gas and electricity pipelines as well as communications cables under the sea.

Without citing any evidence, Skabeyeva said: “On the morning after the explosion, a report came to the White House that British scuba diving exercises were going on for the third day right next to the Nord Stream.

“The same day London rewarded them for some kind of combat merit in carrying out an important exercise in foreign territorial waters, whatever that means.

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“A few weeks before the explosion, an American military helicopter circled tightly over the scene.

“Yes and the blast site is just a hushed up place for exercises, it is where Denmark and NATO train regularly.

“And all of a sudden the Western media is trying hard to push the idea into the minds of the general public that the gas explosions were caused by the Kremlin, which of course benefits Gazprom.”

There is absolutely no evidence to support what is being piped out by Kremlin-backed television channels, however.

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