Russian soldier brags to mum about cutting Ukrainian’s penis off in leaked call

A Russian soldier allegedly bragged to his mother about how he 'loved' cutting a Ukrainian prisoner's penis off in a horrifying leaked phone call.

In the tapped call, released by the Ukrainian army, the soldier Konstanin also tells his mother Tatyana about Russian forces torturing civilians.

His mother appears unfazed when he opens up about shoving barbed wire into a prisoner's anus or breaking their legs so they can't escape.

The call was translated on Twitter by eastern Europe expert Sergej Sumlenny.

First, Konstanin explains the "little rose" torture technique to his mum.

He says: "I took part in this too. FSB officers tortured POWs. You know what little rose is?"

"No," she replies.

He explains: "You can grow 21 roses on a male's body. 20 fingers and one penis, sorry.

"One cuts skin with flesh off, all the fingers. And later you do it there [on the penis]. This is what is called 21 roses on a male's body."

Tatyana then asks her son whether the took part in this, which he confirms.

He goes on: "While we were waiting for the commanders of torture cells, we held POWs, we beat POWs severely, we broke their legs so they could not escape.

"So a POW sits, hip bones broken. I broke them. They are displaced. He says: 'I don't care'. But why are you afraid if you don't care? "I am not afraid!". And why are you crying? He shuts up.

"I love it so much, morally raping people, just with two words."

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Shockingly, Tatyana then tells her son that if she was in Ukraine she "would enjoy it too", adding: "We are so alike, you and me."

After the pair rant for a while about how much they hate people from Ukraine, the son then details how they tortured an elderly male civilian who had saved photos of Russian troop locations on his phone.

He says: "We beat that old man to death, just with batons. To death. Can you imagine? How many times, how long it should take to kill a person just with a baton?

"It is normally used to discipline recruits. You beat a person and his organs explode. This is how FSB tortures here."

Explaining another torture technique he says: "One puts a pipe into a person's anus and puts a barbed wire through it.

"It is crystal clear. I do not feel sorry at all. I have [killed] over 20, I am already calm."

Tatyana then justifies her son's actions by declaring that Ukrainians "are not humans" before the pair calmly say their goodbyes and hang up.

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