Russian troops mown down in WW1-style fighting as ‘human wave’ sent to attack

Russian troops have been mown down in a World War One-style fighting attack after a "human wave" were sent in to attack Ukrainian troops.

Fighting intensified over Christmas between Vladimir Putin's invading Russian troops and Ukrainian soldiers who found themselves face to face with an odd Wagner Group tactic.

Horrific footage shows a so-called "human wave" of Russian troops under the infamous Wagner group banner storming toward Bakhmut countryside, blown to pieces as they march forward.

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Mercenaries as part of the Wagner group were blown up in the tactic that has been noted by several Ukrainian experts as a way of involving the poorly trained recruits.

Experts have alleged that some of the recruits used by the Wagner group could be prisoners who are being pushed into the near-suicidal assaults.

A Ukrainian drone captured the awful footage, with a field shown to be littered with corpses and craters as the ragtag mercenaries pushed forward.

Bakhmut has seen months of bloodshed, with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky saying that "only a few civilians" are left in the war torn region.

Entire forests in the region have been cut down by artillery shells, tanks and has since become a disastrous, muddy area akin to that of the First World War.

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Swamp-like trenches were also reported by Daily Mail, with Bakhmut turned into a horrifying WW1 representation that has seen Russian troops marched directly toward opposing soldiers.

White House National Security Council head John Kirby has since spoken out on the Russian tactics and the recruitment of prisoners onto the frontlines.

Kirby said: "They even have been recruiting prisoners with serious medical conditions."

Another military expert, Ukraine's Oleh Zhdanov, said: "There has been very little change in terms of the front line but pressure from the enemy has intensified, both in terms of the numbers of men and the type and quantity of equipment."

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