Sainsburys bakery infested with rats that climbed in from ceiling – report

A shocking video shows rats crawling over fresh croissants in a Sainsbury's bakery after the store had become infested by rodents that climbed through a damaged drain and into the ceiling, a health inspector's report has revealed

The stomach-churning video, captured by videographer Anthony Mitson, first emerged last year showing the rodents scurrying around the backed goods at the branch in Islington, North London.

Rats were seen crawling over croissants and leaping onto metal shelves behind the open-fronted stand before scampering away.

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At the time, Sainsbury's assured their customers that they would be taking immediate action and calling in contractors.

Health inspectors were called to the building and conducted an investigation into how the supermarket became infested following the incident.

It has now been revealed that the rats gained access to the bakery via a space between the internal roof and the ceiling of the building on Essex Road.

The council report, revealed by the, said: "The overview of the pest records submitted shows there were ongoing issues with rats during 2021, particularly relating to the external areas and the bakery and chiller areas.

"'Many of the pest reports stated housekeeping/cleaning was required, and this was being intermittently maintained.

"There were also a number of pest proofing issues identified by Rentokil that appeared to take some time to repair and are likely to have contributed to allowing access to pests.

"The more recent rat activity was identified by staff in the bakery area on September 15 and again cleaning and proofing works around the chillers and ceiling void were identified by Rentokil on these subsequent visits."

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Sainsbury's reopened the shop on October 11 once they were satisfied that the infestation had been properly dealt with.

A Sainsbury's spokesperson said, 'All our stores have strict pest control and hygiene processes. These were in place at our Essex Road store and additional, immediate steps were taken at the time of this incident last year.

"The council and Environmental Health confirmed they were satisfied with the steps which were taken at the time.'


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