SAS legend fumes Biden has ‘no connection with reality’ in Afghanistan

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SAS legend 'Big' Phil Campion has slammed US President Joe Biden over the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, claiming the 78-year-old has "no connection with reality" when it comes to the situation on the ground.

He also claimed that the US Commander in Chief had pulled troops out of the troubled country at the "worst possible time".

Phil also warned of the Taliban "dishing out some serious retribution" once the "dust has settled and the cameras are gone" from Afghanistan.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Star, the retired SAS hero said that the Taliban will be "enforcing some heavy law changes very quickly" once their "PR game" is over.

The SAS veteran, who now is a best-selling author and TV pundit, believes that the current situation could have been avoided if the UK and US put in a "real exit strategy" 15 years ago.

"All we have done is plug holes and prop up an army that isn’t ready and we’ve had to pull out unexpectedly and too soon," he told the Daily Star.

He continued: "Biden has left at the worse possible time. I don’t think he’s thought about it at all. I certainly don’t think he understands the problem from people on the ground.

"I don’t think he’s got any connection with the reality of what’s going on."

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Joe Biden's administration came under fire from critics when he decided to pull U.S troops out of Afghanistan at 3am with no warning on Friday.

American troops left the key Bagram Airfield Afghanistan base without telling allies and leaving behind thousands of Taliban prisoners.

"They just got up and left with no warning whatsoever. Leaving an Afghan general scratching his head," Campion said.

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"No words of advice, no words of solace, no words of encouragement just 'bang we’re out of here see you later'."

The SAS hero said he wanted to get across that the work of the brave men and women who have been in Afghanistan for the last 20 years has not been in vain.

"They've acted the best they can with what they can in a professional, brave, courageous manner," he said.

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"They have been let down by the head chief. They’ve been let down by the powers that be.

"But all we can do now is get them out."

Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen told the BBC yesterday that people should not fear their invasion of Afghanistan as they want a "peaceful transfer of power".

He also claimed "people will be able to resume their normal lives" and that there will be "no revenge on all those who are working with the Kabul administration or with the foreign forces".

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But former Afghanistan soldier Campion says he doesn't buy the rebel group's spiel, stating: "The Taliban are playing the PR card. They want to get their feet under the table.

"You can see what is going to come further down the line.

"I hope I’m wrong I really do. I hope a leopard can change its spots.

"But the Taliban manifested after many years and I can not see it's going to change its policies in the way it views women, children and goes about its business."

He added: "There is going to be fallout. There is always going to be fallout."

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