Shameful TikTok trend urges kids to slap a teacher as school issues warning

A horrible new TikTok challenge pushing students to "smack a staff member" has already seen at least one teacher assaulted in school.

A South Carolina school has issued a warning after one teacher was "hit on the back of her head" due to the dangerous new trend.

Lancaster County School District school called the act "criminal behaviour".

Previous challenges going viral on TikTok encouraged vandalism and even theft from schools, The Sun reports.

"Sadly, we actually had an elementary student assault a teacher by striking her in the back of the head," Director of School Safety and Transportation Services Bryan Vaughn said in a statement.

"This type of behaviour just like theft and destruction of property is not a prank. It’s criminal behaviour."

The director said that any student who physically assaults a staff member "will be responsible both legally and by board policy".

US schools have been issuing warnings about the dangerous trend as the videos continue to go viral.

Ebony Pugh, public schools spokesperson in Pittsburgh, told The Post Gazette : "Slap a teacher’ is very serious.

"It would not be tolerated and would actually lead to serious consequences."

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Police previously launched an urgent warning to parents following a deadly TikTok challenge which sees children overdose on a pink pill that causes hallucinations.

The challenge, known as the “Benadryl Challenge”, encourages young people to film themselves as they take excessive loads of the anti-allergy pill to trip out.

Families in a town in Texas have been alerted about the sick craze in an alarming statement from the police, reports The Sun.

Arlington Police Chief Juliann Flaherty said: “We urge parents to talk to their students about these dangerous trends and the implications of these types of actions.

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“Short-lived fame on social media is not worth the potentially harmful impacts that these trends could have.”

The trend first sparked nationwide concern when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) acknowledged how “teenagers [were] ending up in emergency rooms or dying” after taking part in the challenge last year.

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