Shark circling Mallorca beach sparks panic as lifeguards issue strict warning

A shark gave beachgoers at the tourist hotspot of Mallorca a scare as it lurked in the shallows.

The on-duty lifeguard ordered everyone basking in the sun at Cala Mondragó to stay clear of the water as fins could be seen cutting through the water's surface.

Panic briefly ensued as the predator remained only a few yards away from the sand and at one point swam excruciatingly close to someone filming its movements.

Witnesses claim they were joined at the shore by what looked like a blue shark measuring nearly 5ft long.

After a period of swimming in circles in a likely state of disorientation, the shark eventually returned to deeper waters without an incident.

It is understood that a strong swell around the Spanish Balearic Island caused the animal to be washed into the bay on Mallorca's south coast.

Footage taken on a phone shows the shark seemingly aimlessly swim across the beachfront.

An eight-year-old boy survived a shark attack after punching the predator in its face.

Napat Chaiyarak Christenko was swimming in the sea with his Ukrainian father when the creature pounced on the island of Phuket, southern Thailand.

The youngster screamed in pain before trying to kick away the ferocious marine creature.

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He then reached down and thumped it in the head, Napat told police in the Kamala district.

Staff opening up on Thursday morning at Ponte Vedra High School in St. Johns County, Florida were also faced with the grisly sight of a dead shark hanging from the rafters of the school's courtyard.

The ocean predator, which was apparently gutted and stored in a freezer before being strung up, is believed to has been placed there by five students who had created their grim “art installation” at around 9pm on Wednesday evening.

Ponte Vedra High School's mascot is a shark, which may partly explain the thinking behind the bizarre act.

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