Shocked man becomes a millionaire overnight but loses it all within days

A Derbyshire man was left stunned after a lucky investment turned him into a millionaire overnight however he didn't hold onto it for long.

Michael Carpenter couldn't believe his eyes when he spotted the seven-figure sum in his account, but sadly for him it wasn't meant to be.

The plucky retiree thought he had invested £120,000 in stocks firm Hargreaves Lansdown, but logging into his investment app he discovered his investments had jumped by over 2,200 per cent overnight.

When he looked at his screen, he saw that his investment had risen to a jaw-dropping £2.7 million.

He told The Sun: He said: "I was stunned really – I just thought, 'Is this right?' I counted up all the digits just to be completely sure and realised it was into the millions."

But a cynical Michael suspected something might be amiss and contacted the firm before attempting to spend his £2,639,800 windfall.

Sadly for Michael, the jump in cash was, in fact, an administrative error – meaning his dreams of millionairedom went up in smoke in a matter of hours.

Michael had hoped to use the money to travel the world, but thankfully he reported the figure before he booed expensive flights and hotels.

"Bonds can move, but it wouldn't shift by that amount in a lifetime really," he said.

Bonds are a form of debt usually issued by a company, so if investor put money into a bond the company will pay interest on the debt for an agreed period then should return the money at the end of the term. But if a company defaults on the debt, investors lose the money.

Michael logged a complaint with Hargreaves Lansdown "straight away" and staff at the company confirmed there had been an issue in a statement to The Sun.

The unlucky investor said a woman on the firm had been speaking to someone else on the phone when he got in contact.

"They've had other calls from people reporting the same thing, so there must be quite a big problem," he said.

A spokesman from Hargreaves Lansdown said: "An error in the data feed to clients’ accounts meant that the price of this particular line of stock was showing incorrectly – this has now been resolved.

"It was an isolated error, only affecting this bond holding."

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