Sick coronavirus prankster terrifies commuters by coughing up fake blood

An Instagram star has sparked outrage by coughing up fake blood in a napkin on trains – as the deadly coronavirus grips the world in fear.

The 23-year-old prankster, known as "Insta Prikoly" on Instagram, was arrested after causing the COVID-19 scare in public.

In the clip, he shows he is using fake blood for a prank in the subway in the city of Almaty in southern Kazakhstan.

The prankster sits next to a row pack of commuters and starts coughing profusely into a tissue paper.

A man sitting on his right stares at him and tries to maintain a distance from him.

As the man prepares to leave, the prankster grabs his sleeve and deliberately coughs towards him.

In a separate clip, he coughs on the tissue while the man next to him holds his breathe and covers his mouth.

The third commuter had to run away from the prankster, but his arm is grabbed and is chased after by the coughing man.

The twisted stunt has racked up 35,000 views after being posted on Instagram but also prompted the local police to investigate the matter.

He was arrested on March 15 and is being held in police custody for 10 days, local media reported.

Police spokesperson Saltanat Azirbek told local media: "For the sake of so-called hype, the young man did not give a damn about moral or ethical norms.

"He has been brought into custody by the police for 'petty hooliganism'."

According to reports, the prankster has since apologised to the public for the incident, adding that he never intended to frighten anyone and that the video was only meant to be fun.

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