Singer who had oral sex on stage sings raunchy ‘mushroom’ hit in front of kids

An infamous singer who received oral sex on stage has performed an overtly raunchy song in front of a load of kids.

Highly controversial artist MC Pipokinha was performing at an MC Modelo gig in São Paulo, Brazil, when she pulled out one of her bangers, Cai em topo do cogumelo.

The Brazillian’s track, seemingly harmlessly about mushrooms, is not exactly what you might call suitable for children, however.

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The highly sexual lyrics unsurprisingly caused a bit of a stir online with enraged viewers getting in touch with several public bodies to flag it.

The lyrics go:

“Jump off the wall

“Jump off, jump off the wall

“Caio on top of, on top of

“Caio on top of the mushroom

“The tram is waiting

“The tram is waiting for you

“Go, get down over the pipe

“I'll be pushing you, I'll be pushing you”.

One person even tagged Brazil's Ministry of Human Rights and Citizenship.

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Skin-crawling footage of the gig shows excited children at the front of the crowd jumping up and down against the barrier belting out the rather rude lyrics.

A judge has recently asked that children be banned from her gigs.

The request has been put in by councillor Ivanilson Marinho to stop all kids and teenagers from going to shows of MC Pipokinha, real name Doroth Helena de Sousa Alves.

He claims both her actions and lyrics are unsuitable for kids.

A report sent to court by the politician read: "Considering all the sexuality that the artist brings to using a childish appearance, as well as the various scenes of innuendo and real sex that the artist and her dancers do on stage; […] considering the content of the singer's lyrics that extrapolate in sexual terms, being absolutely inappropriate for minors…

"I attend Your Excellency's presence to request a ban on the entry of children and teenagers to the funk artist MC Pipokinha's concert to be held in Gurupi on April 6."

Footage from the gig comes just days after further shocking images appeared from a recent MC Pipokinha gig that saw her topless in the crowd.

Horrifying moments see men reach up and grab and grab the artist as she sits on a man’s shoulders.

The aggressive physical violations clearly upset the singer, who clutches her chest and tries to get out of the creepy melee.

She gained notoriety after a particular gig that saw a fan get up and join her on stage.

That fan, naked, then performed oral sex on the MC Pipokinha in front of shocked, baying fans.

MC Pipokinha’s gigs are often mottled with sexual overtones which have become a prominent story worldwide.

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