Sleeping Tesla driver caught doing 70mph after doctoring autopilot for a nap

A strange bloke has been caught using a Tesla car's autopilot to give himself a quick nap on the road.

The sleepy driver was found in the car, which was doing around 70mph in Bamberg, Germany.

Police sped after the Tesla Model 3 car on the A7 Autobahn on Wednesday (December 28).

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He had also attacked a special weight to the wheel which made the car think he had his hands on the wheel.

The 45-year-old was chased with officers in cars using full sirens and lights for around 15 – but he was still asleep.

Having eventually woken up, in a very confused state, the bloke finally pulled up at the next junction, only for police to find that he had been taking drugs.

The specific drugs the man driving the car made by tech billionaire Elon Musk's company took were not mentioned.

According to local reports, a spokesman for the local police said: “It was evident that the vehicle kept the same distance from the patrol car in front from the Viereth-Trunstadt junction to the Bamberg-Hafen junction at 110 kilometres per hour.

“Officials determined that the Tesla driver was reclining in the seat with his eyes closed and his hands off the steering wheel.

“This strengthened the suspicion that he had left the controls to the autopilot and had fallen asleep.”

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“This device (on the wheel) is attached to the steering wheel to trick the vehicle's safety function by pretending that the hand is on the wheel.”

The bloke was arrested on charges of endangering road traffic, and has had his driving license suspended pending a German court evaluation.

Tesla's autopilot system is actually set to be banned in California on Sunday (January 1, 2023) after it was deemed to be marketed under “misleading advertisement”, experts Auto Evolution state.

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