Smothering bum in banana to get one like Kim Kardashian not good, warn docs

Doctors are urging women not to smother their bum cheeks in mashed bananas in a bizarre bid to get a bum like Kim Kardashian.

The fruit mixed with petroleum jelly could leave them with rashes.

Online devotees claim the puree acts as an unlikely buttock-boosting treatment, but experts warn it could cause ‘un-apeel-ing’ side effects including irritation, inflammation, rashes and eczema.

On YouTube there are countless videos encouraging people to try the butt-boosting hack.

Channel OMG Remedies suggests mixing a paste of mashed bananas and petroleum jelly to help people’s backsides grow to ‘twice the size’.

In a clip that has racked up more than 620,000 views, she says: “I’m going to show you how to grow bigger buttocks using petroleum jelly and [a] banana.

“I know this may look or sound crazy to you but this is just a simple remedy that works to grow your buttocks two sizes bigger.

“This is not going to grow your buttocks 10 sizes bigger, it’s going to grow your buttocks about two sizes bigger.

“This is just a simple trick you can do at home.”

Another blogger told followers they will boost their assets by combining bananas with yoghurt.

The blogger said: “[Petroleum jelly] and banana are some of the common products that make your buttocks bigger.

“If you rub [petroleum jelly] on your butt every night before going to sleep, the size of your butt will increase after a few weeks.

“You can also create a home-made butt cream by mixing bananas and yoghurt.

“Follow this procedure to apply this cream on your butt – get a banana and mash it in a bowl until it turns into a soft puree.

“Add yoghurt to the puree and mix it until it turns into a smooth paste. Take the cream and rub it all over your buttocks.

“Massage thoroughly to ensure that it is absorbed in the skin.”

But Dr Diana Gall from online doctor and prescription service Doctor-4-U warns that the hack could irritate the skin.

Dr Gall said: “It’s never wise to turn to home remedies without being sure it’s completely safe.

“Bananas are a common allergy and the proteins from the fruit can cause irritation and inflammation for allergy sufferers.

“Reactions can range from mild symptoms such as a rash or itching to life-threatening illness, so it’s best not to take risks.

“An allergy can also cause contact dermatitis, which is a type of eczema that can be thoroughly unpleasant and irritating.

“You should always know what you are putting in or onto your body and seek medical advice if you are unsure.”

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Chantelle Thompson, founder of Brazilian Booty Lift which uses specialist technology to perform non-surgical body contouring, said she’s shocked by the trend.

Chantelle said: “It’s alarming the lengths people will go to in order to achieve their idea of perfect curves.

“Although I applaud people not wanting to go the surgical route, they need to be realistic about what will work and what is simply going to be a waste of time… and bananas.”

The Brazilian Booty Lift was developed in Miami and claims to provide impressive shape-enhancing results loved by celebrities.

It works by liquefying fat cells which can be drained through the body or shifted into other areas of the body to sculpt it into a certain shape.

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