Snow to cover parts of Britain this weekend as -5C and 60mph winds hit

Snowfall and 60mph winds mean blizzard-like conditions are being forecast for certain parts of the UK this weekend.

The Met Office is predicting that areas of northern Scotland will witness a dumping of snow along with "severe gales" in more exposed regions.

Meteorologist Aidan McGivern also believes that the weekend will start off with the south of England staying colder than the rest of the country.

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He added that a brief cold front will bring some rain into Scotland and Northern Ireland later this morning (January 28).

Mr McGivern told viewers: "In the morning, there is frost and some dense fog patches in the south. Temperatures could drop as low as -3C to -5C.

"The fog could last for some time during the morning but eventually it will lift."

Temperatures, meanwhile, will lift in the afternoon but still remain lower than yesterday (January 27).

He explained: "Temperatures won't stray far from average but they will be a touch lower when compared with Friday. Typically 5C to 6C in the afternoon in the south, 7C to 8C further north."

Mr McGivern said that the south will continue to stay cooler with a touch of frost possible for both today and tomorrow (January 29).

The senior Met Office presenter said: "As we move through Sunday, winds will start to pick up, particularly across the north. Gusty conditions will develop across the Pennines in England.

"But the strongest winds develop across Scotland, with gales affecting the far north while a band of rain moves down Scotland. Rain in the north will clear to some wintry showers.

"Snow falling over the hills of northern Scotland. But more significantly, the winds will really pick up, as you see a risk of gales or severe gales further north.

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"60mph winds are possible on Sunday night, or higher in the more exposed parts."

This comes as the UK faces a 25% chance of a rare phenomenon known as a "sudden stratospheric warming" (SSW).

SSW takes place when the Arctic’s air warms up and pushes a mass of low-level polar air toward the UK.

Met Office forecaster Alex Deakin made the prediction, which would see the first SSW to hit the UK since January 2021.

That caused Britain’s coldest temperature for 26 years as Aberdeenshire recorded -23C.

Advanced maps from WX Charts also show a blizzard hitting Scotland on Tuesday (January 31) and, by February 10, there could be 15cm of snow falling and temperatures of -8C.


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