Snow tracker LIVE: Storm Arwen imminent as Met Office warns of heavy snow in HOURS

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The Met Office has warned that the storm could batter Britain in only a matter of hours as thick clouds move down from Iceland. The freezing temperatures and snow will be accompanied by fierce wind speeds. The weather front will hit Scotland first but move through the rest of the UK as we move into Thursday night and through to Friday.


Live map shows temperatures across the UK

This live map, courtesy of, shows the temperatures across the UK in real-time. 

The areas of blue show where temperatures are dropping below zero, whilst the green areas are above zero but below ten degrees. 

Storm Arwen barrelling towards the UK

Storm Arwen has been named and is barrelling full pelt towards the UK, according to the Met Office. 

The storm will carry with it freezing temperatures from the north sea to Scotland and then through the rest of the UK. 

Many in Scotland and the north of England will face a very cold night on Thursday, although the worst of the weather will be felt on Friday. 

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