Spain hot weather: Mediterranean sea BOILS as freak ‘marine heatwave’ engulfs ocean

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Thermometers have skyrocketed in Spain and have started to heat up the ocean, according to surprising thermometer readings. On July 25, a buoy at Cabo de Gata in Almeria, south east Spain, reached almost 28C. And in waters off Valencia 27C was reached in Sa Dragonera, but this was beaten by three degrees off the Balearic Islands at around the same time. Data from Spain’s Mar Menor Monitoring Committee also said its area recorded an average 31.25C, the highest since records began, just last week.

In certain areas of the lagoon the thermometer even began increasing, getting up to 32.4C at one point as the Mediterranean Sea and the Mar Menor are being affected by marine heatwaves.

The warmer sea temperatures have been described as “anomalous and exceptional, both in terms of intensity, extension and duration” by Óscar Esparza, coordinator of Marine Protected Areas for WWF in Spain.

Meanwhile Greenpeace says the Mediterranean is now sitting at 6.2C above its usual temperature.

Interactive maps also show the sea temperatures are not far below these records.

Mainland Spain today has currently seen highs of 36C, and its sea temperature in the Mediterranean ranged from 24C to 28C as of noon.

On the western coast, where the country meets the Atlantic, temperatures are far lower at 20C to 21C.

Despite a light being shone on the effects of a scorching European summer, ocean temperatures all over the world are faring higher over time.

And one expert, Jorge Olcina, head of the Climatology Laboratory at the University of Alicante has said the heating up of the Mediterranean is a “process dating back to the 1980s”.

He said the greenhouse effects were predicted more than 30 years ago, and they are now merely being played out as expected.

It is now more likely for new records to be reached, or even smashed every year, with Mr Olcina adding: “The Mediterranean Sea has warmed twice as much as the air in the last 40 years.”

Spain and other parts of Europe such as France and Italy have all been severely affected by sweltering heat. Portugal has also recorded increased mortality rates.

Met Office Grahame Madge previously told that the heat was coming across from Africa, which is also recording hotter temperatures.

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As the plume travelled across the globe to Europe, it merely added to the already warm landlocked areas – causing the mercury to reach unbearable and dangerous levels.

And in the seas the WWF says one of the threats of warmer waters is that it could create a “breeding ground for the proliferation of jellyfish and the arrival of invasive species that alter the balance of the ecosystem.”

This, it is claimed, has already started to take place.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega

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