‘Stop China!’ Banished Uyghur pleads for international action after family disappearance

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China is estimated to have detained hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs and other minorities in camps in an alleged bid to offer them voluntary reeducation and training. But last week social media footage appeared to show hundreds of Uyghurs being bussed from the Xinjinag region to serve as forced labour across mainland China. Noor Isma Abdurashid, a Uyghur who has been forced to move to Turkey in 2010, urged the international community to intervene and force Beijing to “close the camps” as she discussed the lack of contact she has had with her family since their unexplained detainment in Xinjiang.

Ms Abdurashid told the BBC Today programme: “This must be handled.

“The international community had to take real action to ensure the concentration camps and prisons are demolished.

“This should be handled, there must be some action and China must be led to close the camps and have people lead a normal life.”

The young Uyghur woman said she lost contact with her family in 2017 and she has since been informed her parents and both her brothers have been offered “training” in one of the camps.

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Ms Abdurashid, however, noted both her parents are getting on with age and her brothers are both businessmen, insisting they would not require any form of training.

The Chinese Embassy in Turkey reportedly claimed the Abdurashid family had been detained over concerns of terrorist connections.

But Noor Isma dismissed the claims, saying: “All of the people like my family and others are innocent.

“I can prove it, I can testify they have committed no crime and have never had any record. They never broke any law.

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“There are so many people like my family. It’s been almost three years and we can see there’s been some torture, we’ve seen the survivors’ stories.

“If it continues like this, our family members and others cannot stand this psychologically or physically.”

The plea for international intervention comes days after Chinese Ambassador Liu Xiaoming was confronted over footage showing members of the Uyghurs community sitting on the grounf bound and blindfolded while awaiting to be moved out of the Xinjiang region.

Mr Liu initially attempted to bypass the question, remarking on “how beautiful” the area is.


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But BBC host Andrew Marr hit back at the Chinese diplomat: “Ambassador, that is not beautiful coverage, is it?”

Mr Liu then addressed the video but insisted nothong appeared to be out of the norm said: “I don’t where you got this video tape.

“Sometimes you have a transfer of prisoners in any country.”

Mr Liu added: “The so-called western intelligence keep making these false accusations against China.

“People say we have ethnic cleansing but the population of Xinjiang has doubled in 40 years.”

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