Stray dog travels 18 miles a day cheering up commuters on public transport

A stray dog travels up to 18 miles a day getting on and off public transport as he pleases.

Boji has become such a star for commuters in Istanbul, Turkey, that vets have fitted him with a microchip tracker to see where his adventures take him.

A Twitter account was last month created in Boji's name and has already racked up 60,000 followers, keen to stay updated on his whereabouts.

The popular pup can be seen scaling a set of stairs at an underground station in Istanbul as commuters use the escalators alongside him.

Other posts on the Boji Twitter page include selfies with metro passengers and adorable snaps of him waiting on platforms for the next train to arrive.

Data picked up from Boji's tracker shows he will typically ride trains for a total of 18 miles a day, passing through 29 metro stations.

It is not just passengers who love the stray either as metro staff admit they have also taken him into their hearts.

In fact, the tracker has been used by staff in the interest of Boji's welfare.

Omer Taskara, an operations manager for Istanbul metro said: "Boji is a calm and peaceful dog, he's also a very spirited dog. Istanbulites have embraced Boji.

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"We had a chip fitted to check whether Boji is hungry or thirsty, to find out which trains he takes, and where he is," Mr Taskara added.

Commuter Abdulkadir Yalcin told Turkish broadcaster TRT World: "I think it's very beautiful, he brings joy to the metro, he makes us smile."

Mustafa Kaya, another passenger, told TRT: "I hope his life will be long, I hope he keeps travelling like this on our trains. It's a beautiful thing."

Boji was aptly named after the Turkish word for part of a train's undercarriage, but it is inside with people where he really loves to be.

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Adorable snaps shared on his dedicated social media pages show him laying comfortably across several empty seats. In other pictures Boji can be seen stretched out on the floor down the aisle where he catches some peaceful shut eye.

Boji's journeys extend well beyond Istanbul's metro too as he is known to hop on the odd ferry crossing the historic Bosphorus river.

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Bus users have also become accustom to his friendly encounters.

Stray dogs and cats are notoriously looked after in Istanbul, the Telegraph reports, with many residents taking it upon themselves to feed homeless animals during the pandemic.

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