Suspected killer rejected by victim caught leaving creepy note for another woman

Chilling footage has surfaced of Armando Caballero, the prime suspect in Miya Marcano’s murder, leaving a note for another woman pressuring her into a date.

It comes after 19-year-old Miya’s body was found in a wooded area in Florida one week after she was reported missing, and days after Caballero killed himself.

Miya was reported missing on September 24 after she failed to board a flight to Fort Lauderdale, and her family were unable to reach her.

Police suspect she rejected the killer’s advances, following reports he repeatedly showed interest towards her and even entered her apartment multiple times without her permission.

Terrifying bodycam footage has now resurfaced of Caballero making advances towards another woman earlier this year. Cabello penned the woman a note before allegedly throwing a weight through her window when she turned him down.

The 27-year-old was never charged with the incident back in March, which happened at the same apartment complex where he was later found dead.

The 24-year-old victim told police she had been in her room late one night at the Sabal Club apartments when someone threw a weight through her window, as reported by the Sun.

While she didn't catch a glimpse of the suspect, she told officers she believed it was the building's maintenance man, Caballero, whom she had recently declined to go on a date with.

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Police bodycam footage from a subsequent 911 call out shows an officer holding the note.

It is unclear whether Caballero continued to work at the apartment complex following the incident, but six months later he was named as the prime suspect in Miya’s disappearance.

Miya's cousin, Caili Sue, also told The Sun that Caballero was "obsessed and infatuated" with Miya, and "constantly" texted her despite her making it clear she wasn't interested.

Sue said Miya told at least two of her friends that Caballero's advances and behaviour made her feel uncomfortable.

Orange County Sheriff John Mina confirmed a body had been founded in a wooded area near Tymber Skan apartments in Seminole County. A search was conducted there after Caballero's cellphone data placed him in the area for 20 minutes just hours after Marcano’s disappearance.

An autopsy will determine a cause of death and a medical examiner will positively identify Marcano, though Mina said deputies are certain the remains belong to the teen as her purse with her ID was found nearby.

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“As a community, as a sheriff, as a father, we are grieving the loss of Miya,” Mina said.

“We can’t imagine the pain and anguish Miya’s parents, her family, the loved ones, the friends, and really our entire community have gone through and will continue to go through.”

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