Teen dwarfed by massive catfish in her biggest catch ever weighing 100lb

A teen fishing ace who didn't think she'd catch anything as it was Friday 13th snared her biggest yet – a massive 100lb catfish bigger than her.

Hannah Truscott, 15, specializes in netting the species and has now caught her own personal best – a 96lb 4oz beast.

She was fishing with her father Paul at White Lakes in Essex on Friday, August 13 – and thought the date would bring her bad luck.

But she went on to catch six big catfish totalling almost 400lb, including her near 100lb whopper.

Paul, 51, said: "She didn't think she'd catch anything because of the date but I said not everyone can be that unlucky.

"Then within two or three minutes she caught that one. It beat her personal best by 25 pounds.

"There are men who haven't caught one over 40 pounds and they've been doing it years.

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I think she's had about 23 in the last four years over 40 pounds."

Paul, from Derbyshire, says he first took Hannah fishing when she was about six years old – but she's now a natural.

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"I taught her how to play them (catfish)," he said.

"From then on I've left her to it and said, 'I'm not going to help you' and over time she's just mastered it.

"She's learnt how to hang on, she's spot on at playing them. She's not your normal kid – she just fishes."

In other news, an 11-year-old boy has become the youngest angler to catch a 100lb-plus fish in British waters after hooking a gigantic nine-stone sturgeon – that weighed more than he does.

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Joseph Brockhouse battled for 30 minutes before eventually hauling the 126-pound beast to the surface during a camping trip with his dad and younger brother last month.

He had been fishing for two days on a private 10-acre lake near Manchester when he landed the prize fish which was two feet longer than he is tall, and in credible two-and-a-half stone heavier.

Joseph's dad Lee, 43, and brother Alex, 10, were needed to help lift the 6ft 8ins long monster in order to pose for a photo before they threw it back into the water.

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