Teen mum left baby to choke to death in car while she had sex with ex in motel

A teenage mum left her baby alone in a parked car while she met her ex at a motel room for sex.

The seven-month baby died from carbon monoxide poisoning after being abandoned inside the vehicle, according to local authorities.

Mum Maria Camila Mengual Mojica told police that she had left the car’s air conditioning on to keep the baby from overheating.

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But the system sucked up the fumes from the vehicle's faulty exhaust system and the baby choked to death.

The 19-year-old had met her ex-partner Humberto Manuel Olivilla Pineda, 23, at the model in Valledupar, Colombia at the time of the tragic incident.

When they finished their rendevous and went to check on the child the fumes inside the car were so strong they both passed out on the spot.

Local media report state that neither was arrested, but they were questioned by police.

A forensic examination of the baby confirmed death from carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Local police chief Colonel Luis Leon said: "They left the vehicle running and fainted due to gas inhalation.

"As a consequence of this, the minor also died in this unfortunate case that occurred on Sunday night."

Prosecutors confirmed they are investigating the mother for possible charges of criminal responsibility for the death of the baby.

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