Teenage girls arm ripped clean off in worlds shark bite capital

A teenager had their arm torn off by a shark yesterday (March 6) just one day after another was attacked in what is believed to be the deadliest shark attack spot in the world.

Kaylane Timoteo Freitas was seen being pulled from the sea on Piedade Beach in the Brazilian city of Jaboatao dos Guararapes, blood spewing from her severed left arm.

Some 500 metres away on Sunday (March 5) a 14-year-old had a massive chunk of flesh ripped out of his thigh by a shark, leaving his femur exposed.

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He was airlifted to a hospital in the city of Recife where sadly medics had to amputate his leg.

Kaylane, Monday's victim, also underwent surgery and had a further part of her left arm removed.

She also suffered injuries to her belly and leg but was last reported to be stable and conscious in hospital.

Paramedic Marcelo Alves told local media: "The team is already alert about these events that have been happening.

"Unfortunately, there is a law that says that swimming is not allowed, but people insist on going into the sea."

Psychologist Andrea Caribe said she was baffled as people stayed in the water following the attack, with lifeguards "pulling people out".

Swimming has been banned at Piedade Beach since 2021 due to the number of shark attacks.

Some 150 warning signs are positioned along a 36 kilometre stretch of the Pernambuco State coast that encompasses the beach.

The Greater Recife area, located on that stretch, is thought to be the most deadly shark attack spot in the world.

This is partly because it's home to several species including bull sharks, tiger sharks and lemon sharks, which are aggressive and found in shallow waters.

An increase in human activity there has also led to an increase in incidents.

The boost in population means Recife is now the fourth-largest urban area in Brazil, with over 4 million inhabitants

This has put pressure on the sharks' habitat which, along with other factors such as overfishing, mean they are more willing to approach humans in search of food.

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