Terrified teacher finds 13-ft monster python curled up inside her truck

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A terrified teacher who spotted a 13-foot python lurking underneath her truck had to enlist passersby to wrestle it free.

Her first attempt to rid the vehicle had backfired when the scaly beast climbed up inside her SUV’s engine and made itself comfortable.

The woman from central Chonburi, in eastern Thailand, declined to give her name, but said she had called for help after it became clear the reptile had no intent of moving on.

Four rescuers struggled for over three hours to extricate the snake, removing parts of the engine and bodywork and finally lining up to engage in a bizarre “tug of war” with the stubborn creature.

The relieved car owner told reporters: ”I am glad that we did not have to break down my car to save the snake. I am thankful for the rescuers. ''I am not sure my insurance company would pay the repair bill if they had taken apart the engine.’'

After being rescued, the snake was bundled into a sack and taken to a nearby forest where it was released back into the wild.

While you might think that snakes would naturally keep clear of something as big and noisy as a car this isn’t the first time this has happened.

Exactly a year ago, shocked motorist Surasit Sukwattana was driving late at night when his car struck what he thought was a fallen tree branch in Pattaya, central Thailand .

It was only a few miles down the road that his front wheel began to seize up and Mr Sukwattana, 38, got out to investigate the problem.

He discovered that a six-foot python had wrapped itself around the car’s axle and was peering up at him from the wheel arch.

That also required the attention of a specialist rescue team who removed the car’s wheel and removed the reptile.

On that occasion, sadly, the snake did not survive the rescue.

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