Terrorist member facing mob justice for allegedly sending ‘d*** pics’ to girl

A 'perverted' terrorist group member is facing mob justice after allegedly sending 'd*** pics' to a 14-year-old girl.

The senior Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) member, who denies the allegations, is facing expulsion, having already faced a kangaroo court.

It has emerged that this is not the first time the unnamed figure has faced such allegations, with members mystified as to why he has not been expelled, according to reports by the Belfast Telegraph.

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He was disciplined a number of years ago in an almost identical situation and warned any repeated behaviour would result in discipline and likely exile.

In this instance, it is understood he is suspected of sending the inappropriate pics to a teenage girl who in turn brought them to the attention of her mother.

The leadership has so far resisted taking action pending possible criminal charges, but they are facing demands he be put out of the country.

Reportedly, the man was summoned to a meeting in north Belfast where he protested his innocence.

Despite the failure of the terror group’s leadership to ascertain his guilt, he has allegedly been ostracised by his family, including his own children.

“They’re saying the pictures are inconclusive,” a source told the Belfast Telegraph.

“He’s a dirtbird, a pervert and we all know what should be done with people like that.

“He’s shown he can’t help himself, the wee girl is younger than his own daughters.”

It is understood a complaint has been made to the police and that the paramilitary leadership is awaiting the outcome.

However, reports claim he has been warned that even if he escapes prosecution “he is for the boat’’ and will be ordered out of the country.

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