Tesla camera saves owner’s life after capturing knife-wielding man

A Tesla car has saved its owner’s life after its camera captured a man with a knife approaching the driver’s door.

A driver named Cedric from Richmond, Virginia, USA, posted the video on his TikTok account showing the dangerous encounter.

A masked man can be seen on the video footage approaching Cedric’s car, walking past the front and round to the driver’s door.

Cedric explains that he was about to step out of his vehicle when he spotted on the car’s camera that the stranger was holding a knife in his left hand.

The man then proceeded to start a conversation with Cedric, with the driver staying inside his car, before the armed man walked off a few seconds later.

Sharing the footage, he wrote: "Happened on campus. Got shook for a while. Called the police after this."

Expanding a little further on the video, Cedric said: "For those who are asking, the guy came up and asked me if my car was a Maserati, and I couldn't understand what he said after that.

"I noticed the knife early and put the car in reverse in case he was going to do anything, but he just walked away.

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"I made sure he was clear, then walked inside and called the campus police.

"After the call, I went back to the car to save the footage and noticed officers patrolling the area."

TikTok users took the opportunity to highlight what a great piece of PR this was for Tesla.

One wrote,:"This is the best Tesla commercial I've ever seen", while another added, "Car paid for itself today."

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