Thai minister sparks horror race row after expletive coronavirus rant – ‘F*** the west!’

Mr Charnvirakul was once again facing outrage for his outspoken comments surrounding people from the west in Thailand. Previously, the minister has demanded “f*****g westerners” be deported after some refused to wear face masks in Thailand amid the growing panic over the killer coronavirus. He then launched another shock attack on Twitter, the BBC reports.

In a now deleted tweet, which was the first on his account, he said: “It’s wintertime now in Europe, and given the coronavirus outbreak, many Europeans fled the cold to Thailand.

“They wear dirty clothes and never shower.

“We, as hosts, have to be careful.

“Even they don’t want to mingle with each other, they’ve closed their borders against each other.”

His comments sparked outrage online, with many condemning the “racist” claims.

Last week, the health minister closed a Facebook account following comments he published that argued all visitors from Thailand’s largest sources of foreign tourism would be required to self-quarantine for at least two weeks.

The Bhumjaithai Party leader’s post was a notice from the Public Health Ministry.

Within the post, now deleted, he said which countries were deemed as high risk areas for the coronavirus.

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Those included Japan, China, Germany and France.

But the fury came amid the fact that there would be no exceptions to his 14 day quarantine rule.

When quizzed about this, he refused to answer why this post was published and subsequently deleted.

However, he did admit, according to Manager Online, there may have been some mistakes on the post.

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Earlier in the week, the World Health Organisation labelled the outbreak a pandemic.

On Friday morning, it was reported that across the world there had been more than 125,288 cases of coronavirus.

Of these, at least 4,614 had perished.

Today, the first case of coronavirus was found in Kenya.

The country’s health minister Mutahi Kagwe said that the patient had traveled to Kenya from the US and was diagnosed on March 12.

The number of cases currently reported in Thailand stands at 75.

It revealed that on Friday the case numbers had jumped by five, the health ministry claimed.

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