The Purr-minator avoids cat-astrophe after being shot three times

A puss that has survived being shot on multiple occasions has been labelled Britain’s hardest cat.

Two-year-old Teddy has been cruelly targeted at least three times so far this year – but each time he has managed to avoid catastrophe and has walked away to fight another day.

The indestructible moggy, who has been dubbed the “Purr-minator”, was first attacked in January, when he was shot through the tail. He was attacked again later that month before being shot through the stomach with an air weapon in May.

After being treated for his latest injuries on an IV drip in a pet hospital, rescue cat Teddy is now back home at Wordsley, West Midlands, with owner Lauren Williams.

Fortunately the bullet did no long-term harm, but he is quickly using up his feline luck.

“He really is remarkable to have survived and he can’t have many of his nine lives left,” said Lauren, 27.

“It is frightening to think someone would do that to that animal like Teddy, it’s awful and cruel.

“This time was the worst by far as the bullet went straight through his stomach – it was touch and go but thankfully it hadn't gone through any vital organs.

"With the first two shootings, he had marks on his tail – but this time it went straight through his stomach.”

Mum-of-one Lauren thinks the attacks, which are being investigated by the cops, happened near her home.

“He must’ve been shot nearby to make it back into the garden where I found him,” the support worker said.

“He couldn’t move and was lying in a puddle of blood. There was a lot of blood. He was crying out to me. It was heartbreaking.”

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Despite being cruelly targeted on so many occasions, the mog is drawing comparisons with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s indestructible Terminator character, whose famous catchphrase was “I’ll be back”.

Lauren said: “He’s a very tough cat and I don’t imagine there are many tougher than him.

“The vets decided it was not worth the risk to do surgery but in a way I wanted them to, to find out what kind of bullets they were.

“He was so lucky it didn’t hit any organs or he would’ve been a goner. It was so, so close.

“The pain he was in must’ve been horrendous – he was crying in pain.”

She added: “He is absolutely fine now except he prefers going into the garden when we are there. He plays in the garden with my daughter like he’s a child.

“He is quite a friendly cat. I do wonder if this time someone beckoned him towards him and shot him at close range. The other times it seems more likely he was running away because he was hit in the tail.”

Although Teddy appears to be feline fine once again, Lauren is scared that one day his luck will run out.

“This time the bullets missed his vital organs by centimetres and I’m worried the next time might be his last chance,” she said.

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