Thief alert! Video captures Great Danes’ reaction to owner pretending to burgle house

Father and son duo, three-year-old Zeus and Apollo, who is one, live together with their owner Jewel, in Alberta, Canada. During the video, viewers see a caption appear saying: “What would Great Danes do if someone broke in?”

Both giant dogs are seen standing curiously at the front door where they can see someone slowly approaching and about to walk in.

As Jewel enters the scene, she is shown wearing a black woolly hat, snood and dark sunglasses in an attempt to make sure her pets don’t recognise her.

Jewel then edges over to a shoe rack and begins to pick up several trainers which she holds up to Apollo’s face in defence.

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It is at this point that Zeus decides he is either too scared or seen through the disguise and leaves the room while Apollo stays behind.

A voice over then narrates the blue furred hound’s potential thoughts which hilariously replies: “Don’t worry dad, I’ll get him!”

The young pup then begins to play around with the supposed burglar and attempts to jump up at Jewel before she makes her escape.

During their cute interaction, Apollo’s playful voiceover continues: “Is that all you’ve got? I’ve met Chihuahuas that have put up a bigger fight. Come on let’s go buddy.”

Since uploading the what-if scenario to TikTok, more than 5.4 million people have watched it.

However, many dog fans felt that Zeus and Apollo were not so fooled by the incident.

One person said: “It knows your scent, it knows who you are, it’s literally playing with you.”

Another person commented: “You could try this with a friend or family member they haven’t met.”

Another dog lover jokingly replied: “They’re like ‘moms in a weird mood today huh'”.

Jewel and their four-legged family members regularly post comical clips on their TikTok account @olympusgreatdanes currently having over 3.4 million followers.

@olympusgreatdanes ♬ original sound – Olympus Great Danes

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