Thug and new girlfriend kidnap wife, whip her and saw off one of her fingers

A man and his girlfriend allegedly tortured his estranged wife in a horrific ordeal where she had a finger cut off, was whipped and told to perform oral sex.

Justin Wilson, 31, and Nicole Elmore, 35, have both been charged with kidnapping, assault with the intent to disfigure and aggravated sexual abuse.

It is claimed that the six days of heinous abuse started when the pair turned up at the alleged victim’s Gloversville home on New Year’s Eve with a gun and forced her to lay in the back of a dark SUV, the Daily Gazette reports.

Both Wilson and Elmore pleaded not guilty on Friday and were remanded without bail and sent to Fulton County Jail.

The deposition, launched with New York State Police on January 6, says the victim was made to close her eyes before being burned on her hand, forearm, ribcage and back.

It is also alleged she was made to clean up dog poo from around a trailer and asked to perform oral sex on Wilson.

When she was told it wasn’t good enough, the end of her right pinkie finger was cut off, court documents say.

On the fourth day of the ordeal, the victim claims she was strangled to the point of unconsciousness and hit with a bat.

The abuse allegedly continued until the sixth day, when she managed to escape from an SUV to her grandfather’s house, who took her to Nathan Littauer Hospital and rang the cops.

Wilson’s attorney, Stephen Rockmacher, said: “I certainly hope it’s not true.”

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Acting-Fulton County District Attorney Amanda Nellis confirmed the details of Friday’s arraignments, but she said she couldn’t comment further.

“As of right now it’s still under investigation, so that’s all I’m going to say,” she said.

Elmore’s lawyer Christopher Savino could not be reached.

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