TikTok flight attendant sacked after sharing job secrets on social media

A flight attendant has been fired after she shared insider secrets on social media while wearing her uniform.

Former United Airlines employee Arina Bloom shared trade secrets with her TikTok followers.

In total, she posted around 20 videos, and in many of which she was still wearing her work clothes.

However, according to The Sun, in her most recent video, Arina claimed that she had been fired from her position with the airline following an anonymous complaint.

She followed that up with a second video revealing that she wasn't given a warning, and was forced to resign immediately.

She said: "I was recently forced to resign from my job because of this TikTok page.

"My airline was pretty much aware of my social media platform, they even commented on my video back in August so it's not like I was hiding something.

"But all of a sudden in December it became a problem.

"I got in trouble for every single video where I appeared in my uniform which I do understand – every airline has its own rules.

"Although I do feel guilty over some of my content and I promise that I will never do it again, I really think that overall my page was positive and I was just showing how happy I am to be a part of this airline.

"I personally think I was a great free advertisement, truly tried to inspire others to join [the] aviation industry."

The TikTok videos have been watched hundreds of thousands of times, and viewers have bashed the airline for firing Arina.

One person wrote: "United Airlines you really dropped the ball on this! She really showed lots of people the wonders of working in aviation."

Someone else put: "That page was the reason for me to apply for this job.

"She is gorgeous and good ad for the company. Really bad decision to cancel her."

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Since the clips went viral, her situation has also been shared on the AITA thread on Reddit, who were less sympathetic.

One person commented: "In my opinion, this should be common sense. If you're going to do videos for whatever reason, keep your private employment out of it."

Another wrote: "Is the person that got her fired an a**hole? Yes. Is she foolish for having herself in uniform on her Tiktok? Also yes."

A third simply wrote: "No sympathy."

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