Tinder sex murderer who tried to kill himself in court sentenced to death

A man who killed a Tinder date before trying to kill himself in court has been sentenced to death.

Evil Aubrey Trail, 54, will be executed after he murdered Sydney Loofe, 24, and dismembered her body with the help of his partner Bailey Boswell, 27.

It was reported that tragic Sydney went to meet Trail and his partner after meeting the latter on the popular dating app.

Her body was chopped up in pieces and placed in bin bags before she was dumped in Edgar, around 90 miles from her home in Lincoln, Nebraska, reports LADbible.

Trail originally claimed she died from erotic asphyxiation, but later confessed to killing Sydney after she "freaked" out when he told her about his sexual kinks and how he defrauds antique dealers.

"Almost everything I've said before was a lie unless it benefited me," he told the court.

"I lured her there to try and pull her into our group.

"But once I sat Sydney down and explained to her our criminal activities and group sex I knew I had made a big mistake."

He went on to say that he killed her because of how she reacted to his lifestyle.

"I had no doubt she'd tell people what I told her," he said. 'She did nothing but reject my lifestyle and threaten to expose it and I killed her for it."

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Judge Vicky Johnson said: "The state has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the murder of Sydney Loofe demonstrates extreme depravity by the ordinary standards of morality and intelligence."

During a dramatic court hearing in 2019, Trail was reported to have shouted "Bailey is innocent and I curse you all" before he tried to cut his throat, according to publication SF Gate.

It was claimed that Sydney had already met Boswell for their first date, the day before she died.

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The victim was reported missing the day after her second date when she didn't turn up to work at a hardware store in her hometown.

The last time anyone heard from her was when she posted a selfie on Snapchat ahead of her next date.

The picture was posted on November 15, 2017, with the caption: "Ready for my date".

Boswell managed to dodge a death sentence and has been sentenced to life in prison.

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