‘Toxic’ Joe Biden facing possible Democrat primary challenge ‘Like to see him disappear!’

US Democrats looking to 'jetison' Biden from position says expert

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Joe Biden is facing the likelihood of the Democratic Party unseating him as the US Presidential candidate in 2024 amid widespread concern over the direction of his leadership. The Biden White House is suffering in the polls, with Americans increasingly expressing opposition to the 79-year-old handling of the Covid pandemic and rising inflation. Curtin University Political Analyst Professor Joe Siracusa argued a challenge in the 2024 primary is very likely on the cards.  

Mr Siracusa told Sky News Australia: “Everybody looks at this guy and they’re afraid that they’re all going to be swept out of office.

“In fact, very conservative people pick the House to lose 37 seats and Democrats lose 37 seats and probably lose the Senate as well.

“So he’s toxic for most Democrats, the progressive left, of course, so feel they’ve been abandoned by him.

“He didn’t do what he said He was going to do and the establishment part of the party would like to see him disappear.

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He continued: “Because, keep in mind, on election day, not only do they vote for the president, and the House and the Senate, but they’re voting for mayors and governors and even the dog catcher, and if there’s down-ballot, a bad day, he’s going to take everybody with him.

“So they’d like to see him disappear.

“Now, all of his opinion polls are coming in negative.

“People don’t like him, they don’t approve his government 65 percent of Americans think he’s going in the wrong direction, and of course, he promised safe hands with the COVID and return to normalcy.”

President Biden: Democrats 'too split' to recover says expert

“That didn’t happen, of course, and so maybe he promised too much,” he added. 

“But Biden’s very vulnerable right now and the left and the other part is parts of the party are looking for ways to jettison him as soon as possible.

“And the New York Times had a little article a couple of days ago, saying that they’re 11 Democrats ready to take his place in the nominations.

“So here’s all those people who want to run against them once they’re ready to run again.”


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It comes as former UK Ambassador to the US Sir Christopher Meyer warned Mr Biden was a “lame-duck” President.

He said: “My crystal ball says he’s too old, too ineffective and the Democratic Party too split to enable him to have a sound basis to recover in the mid-term election.

“I think we should expect a situation in which the Democrats lose either one or both houses of Congress, both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

“If it then happens will render him, Joe Biden, a lame-duck President with a lame-duck vide-president in the shape of Vice-President Kamala.”

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