Travelodge worker brands hotel guests ‘animals’ after leaving room filthy

A Travelodge room attendant has branded messy hotel guests 'animals' after entering a room that was left in a filthy state.

Syma H, who posts on TikTok as BasicBrownGirl, gained more than 27,000 likes on a video where she exposed the state a room was left in while she was on shift.

In the clip, there were cigarette boxes and rubbish lying around, with a discarded wig on the bed, muck in the sink – and the toilet was unflushed.

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The video was posted to the trending 'oh no' sound as the text overlay said: "What I see as a Travelodge worker. If you leave your room like this you are an animal."

TikTok users were shocked at the state of the room and agreed with her for branding the guests 'animals'.

One user commented: "I don’t get how ppl were raised to be like this. I always leave the hotels like I wasn’t even there other than piling up the linens."

Another added: "And here I am wondering if I should fold the used towels or just leave them in the bathtub."

A third said: "I always try and leave my room like I haven't even been in them!"

A fourth commented: "I hope they get charged a clean-up fee because that’s not reasonable."

However, not everyone believed that the room should have been filmed as they believe the individual should have been dealt with privately by the hotel.

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One user said: "People should have to pay a deposit to cover stuff like this."

Another added: "The hotel has their card details to charge them for a deep clean."

However, one TikToker told the OP to "just do your job" in response to the clip.

Travelodge have been contacted by the Daily Star for a comment.


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