Two bulldogs catch teen in citizens arrest after woman raped in park

Two American Bulldogs came to the rescue when the animals interrupted a woman being allegedly raped and apprehended a 13-year-old suspect when on a walk in a London park with their owner.

Sid Costello, 29, was walking his beloved pets, Pablo, one, and Menace, eight months, through Winn's Common in Plumstead on Tuesday for their regular evening walk when his dogs dragged him towards as bush after hearing a noise.

A woman then ran out of the bushes claiming that she had been sexually assaulted by two men. Sid, who works for works for the local council said that he then saw two men coming after the women.

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In a canine-citizen arrest, Sid and his dogs chased the two suspects, backing one of them into a doorway where the teenager remained until the police arrived.

Sid told the Evening Standard: “I put myself and the dogs in between them and her. I got in a stance like I was about to release them and told them to ‘stay there I’m making a citizen arrest’.

“One of them turned around and did a Usain Bolt on me. Another jumped on a car but slipped.”

While one suspect fled the scene, the other, who was arrested on suspicion of rape, accused one of the bulldogs of biting him.

Sid said: "It was just a scratch – if my dog had actually bitten him, he would need to have his wrist reconstructed.

“My neighbours were all egging me on to let the dogs loose on him but I knew they would be put down if they hurt him badly and I love them.”

The dogwalker has praised his dogs – who have their own Instagrams, calling them heroes for stopping the attack, and want people to know that there's no such thing as bad dogs, just bad owners.

“What really annoys me is that everyone saying that American Bulldogs are bad dogs. They are both really good boys and are very popular in the park.

“I love them they are my babies, I say I have three boys at home: two dogs and my son.

“They are always kissing each other. They came back home after and went to bed like nothing had ever happened.”

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