UK braces for ‘unprecedented period’ as North African plume to make heatwave more intense

Heatwave: Expert warns of 'unprecedented' hot period

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Weather expert Nathan Rao gave his prediction about what Britons can expect during the ongoing heatwave in the UK with journalist Isabel Webster. Mr Rao warned that temperatures will remain in the mid to high 20s across the country until the end of the month. The weather expert also claimed that this month could be an unprecedented period for weather in the UK.

Mr Rao explained why the UK was experiencing such hot weather and claimed that hot air from North Africa was passing across Spain France and the UK.

Mr Rao told GB News: “This is some of the hottest weather we are going into.

“Some of the hottest weather we have ever experienced, so we really are going through a hot period.

“Which doesn’t look like it’s going to go anytime soon, temperatures are well up there in the high 20s.

“Mid to high 20s right through to the end of the month, so it could be an unprecedented period of weather for the UK.”

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Ms Webster said: “It’s very… And we love to complain about the weather in this country and dare I say it was very British heat yesterday.

“Certainly in London, there wasn’t a lot of blue sky, but there was a lot of heaviness in the air. And it wasn’t good tanning weather, for example, it was just thick muggy heat.”

Mr Rao added: “In the summer when we get high pressure, now what we’ve had in the run-up to this period is high pressure over the UK.

“And that high pressure has come all the way from the Azore Islands in the Atlantic, and high causes those lovely blue skies and sunshine to come through.

“At the moment we’ve got a bit of a cold front coming through, which may be good news to you guys.

“Because if you don’t like the heat, it’s going to be a bit cooler and that brings some muggier a bit more cloudier conditions.

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“But we’re going back into high pressure at the weekend, and not only that we’ve got a low pressure to the West of the UK.

“Which is gonna act with that high to draw up some really hot air from North Africa, through Spain and France, and then into the UK and that’s what we’re looking at for those really high temperatures at the weekend.” 

Weather warnings from the Met Office have also been issued.

They have already pre-warned of the hottest days to come next week, giving them the amber warning.

Health workers have been advising people to stay hydrated and telling people not to be out directly in the sun for too long.

There are many health issues that can be caused by the heatwave such as heat stroke and dehydration.


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The South Central Ambulance Service which covers Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, and Hampshire has warned Britons about the health risks that come along with the rise in temperatures.

SECAmb executive director of operations, Emma Williams said: “We have had a very busy week and we expect demand to remain high, especially with the hotter weather forecast to last.

“I’d ask the public to really think as to whether they are facing an emergency and if not, avoid calling 999.

“Please also look to speak to your GP or a pharmacist and remember, you can also get help and advice from visiting NHS 111 online.”


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