UK heatwave over as temperatures expected to plummet by 10 degrees this weekend

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Temperatures are forecast to drop back to normal for the time of the year this weekend after Brits basked in the third consecutive hottest day of 2022 yesterday.

The mercury hit 30C in parts of the UK on Friday with parts of the country meeting the three-day threshold for an official heatwave, but, despite some sunny spells today and tomorrow, many regions will experience cloud and rain.

It will also be considerably cooler which will, no doubt, be a comfort for many who will have found it difficult to work and sleep in the sweltering conditions, not to mention people who belong to at-risk groups, such as the elderly and those with chronic health conditions like diabetes and Parkinson's.

Friday's highest temperature of 30.7C was recorded around midday around southern regions of the country.

That topped Thursday's 29.5C high in the South East, as some central regions saw their hottest-temperature record on Wednesday at 28.2C

There is now expected to be a fall of up to 10 degrees into the high teens or low 20s, though, which is closer to the average for mid-June.

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Looing a little further ahead, Monday is forecast to possibly reach 22-23C in the south ahead of the summer solstice on Tuesday.

Similar temperatures are also forecast for the same day in eastern parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England.

The weather is then expected to stay seasonally typical for the rest of June and in July.

For much of the remainder of this month, the Met Office's long-range forecast is for patchy rain, and temperatures, at best, "close to or slightly below normal under a north to northwesterly breeze".

It goes on to say, however, that "conditions then look to become largely fine and dry by the start of July as high pressure builds".

And its forecast for July 2 through to July 16 adds: "Mostly dry and fine, though occasional periods of rain and showers are still possible particularly in the north west, and in the south which could be thundery at times. Temperatures close to or below normal at first before turning widely above average."

Mid-July should perhaps be pencilled in, therefore, for the next potential heatwave.

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