UK set for extreme heat next month in second 40C summer scorcher

Temperatures are set to hit highs of 40C for a second time this summer, with weather models predicting another heatwave in early August.

Given the long-term forecast, the predictions may not be exact, however multiple models have all shown regular heatwaves due to occur this summer.

But rising temperatures will not be restricted to just the next few months, with 40C heat expected to become a regular occurrence over the next 30 years.

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The UK experienced its hottest day on Tuesday (July 19), with a high of 40.3C in Coningsby, Lincolnshire.

The returning hot temperatures are expected to hit Greater London and parts of Eastern England in August, according to weather forecasting system, the US National Centres for Environmental Prediction (NCEP).

It was created to predict record-breaking temperatures, using 31 forecasts.

Two of its forecasts show 40C predicted for next month, however experts have clarified that it may not be exact given the small percentage.

However, the NCEP did correctly predict that the UK would experience heat over 40C in the middle of July.

The second heatwave is looking likely, as various other forecasts have predicted there will be temperatures in the mid to high 30s in the South of England during the beginning of August.

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The Royal Meteorological Society’s ‘Weather’ journal co-editor-in-chief, Simon Lee, told The i: “This is the world we are in: having seen 40C in reality, we can also expect to see it appear as a possibility more frequently in ensemble forecasts.

"Back then, it was perhaps easier to discredit these scenarios as simply too extreme and too unlikely to warrant much further consideration – but then the extreme scenario became a reality on Tuesday 19 July.

“That changed everything, because now we know from observations that temperatures above 40C are achievable in the UK in the current climate.

“Previously, this had only been demonstrated as a possibility in climate models.”


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