UK Weather: Britain braces for brutal rain and thunder before heatwave returns

Sunday’s generally murky weather comes ahead of what is expected to be a particularly hot week next week, however. The European mainland is expected to simmer in September heat, with Madrid reaching as high as 30 degrees on Thursday.

Next week’s temperatures here in the UK will be more modest but considerably warmer than they have been this week, according to the BBC.

London is expected to reach temperatures in the low-to-mid 20s through Tuesday and Wednesday, with the BBC’s Alina Jenkins expecting a “pleasantly warm” week for the capital.

For this weekend though, Sunday’s rain will ease off through the afternoon with Scotland and Northern Ireland catching the best of the sun.

A Met Office spokesperson said: “Sunday is looking like a day of sunshine and showers across the UK.

“A fairly fresh start to Sunday morning but also a scattering of showers; these showers slowly pushing their way south and eastwards through the day, turning a bit drier and brighter behind.

“The best of the sunshine through Sunday will be across parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland, and here temperatures reaching the mid to high teens.

“Elsewhere mid to high teens as well but low 20s across the southeast.”

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The spokesperson added showers will likely carry on into the late afternoon before drying off in the evening.

BBC Weather’s Alina Jenkins said Scotland would be particularly dry and sunny.

However, she added: “Most of us will see some spells of sunshine through Sunday, but we do need to watch out for those showers.”

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She said these showers would be most frequent in the morning across northern England, Wales and the Midlands.

Ms Jenkins added the showers “could be heavy, maybe even thundery.”

Temperature wise, many across the UK will see temperatures between 16 and 20, though northern Scotland may be cooler.

Weather maps show a front moving in for Monday, giving some hints as to what next week will look like.

The spokesperson said: “We’ll see cloud and rain at times, particularly in the north and west, but turning warmer as well.”

There are currently no Met Office weather warnings in place for any parts of the UK.

The pollen count will remain low across the whole of the country from Sunday until at least Wednesday.

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