UK weather: Heatwave comes to a close as ‘heavy showers’ predicted

UK weather: Met Office issues yellow warning for heavy rain

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Simon Partridge from the Met Office said that there would be a risk of showers in Northern Ireland and Scotland as well as southern England. However, Mr Partridge added that there would be “sunny spells” which would be “quite pleasant.”

He said: “Showers will persist across Northern Ireland and Scotland but elsewhere it will be be dry with clear spells and feel noticeably fresher than previous nights.

“So it’s a mainly dry and bright start to the day on Sunday.

“There’s always a risk of seeing some showers across the southern coast of England.

“Showers across Northern Ireland and Scotland will ease throughout the day and elsewhere it will be mostly dry with plenty of sunny spells around.

“And in that sunshine, temperatures getting up into the low twenties and feeling quite pleasant.

“That will continue as we head into the evening where we will see more in the way of sunny spells.

“But we will see further showery rain start to push it’s way into southern and southwestern England again on Sunday night.

“Again bringing the risk of the odd rumbling thunder.”

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Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern added that some showers could persist on Sunday particularly in parts of Northern Ireland, Scotland and southern England.

He said: “It’s west and southwest shores where we’re most likely to see the heaviest most persistent rain during Sunday.

“But it could extend as far as Northern Ireland, Southern Scotland and Northern England.

“Certainly some showers around further south but the north of Scotland seeing the best of the weather on Sunday.

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“Some brighter skies here albeit with some lower than average temperatures and across all parts you can see those temperatures have come down quite significantly from the end of the week.”

Mr McGivern added that Monday would continue to see a risk of heavy showers and thunderstorms.

He said: “Now the low that I’m talking about hangs around for the first part of next week.

“And that means at first there’s the continued risk of heavy showers and even some thunderstorms in the south.

“But increasing as that low moves away this high in the mid Atlantic begins to build the jet stream develops this big ridge in it.

“And this is the most likely set up for the early to mid part of next week.”

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