Ukraine humiliates Wagners Prigozhin in scathing advance rundown

Russian soldier pleads to a Ukrainian drone not to kill him

A Ukrainian battalion commander humiliated Wagner Group mercenaries as he challenged Yevgeny Prigozhin’s attack on Russian soldiers.

The Wagner commander launched a vitriolic attack on Moscow as he accused Vladimir Putin’s troops of fleeing the frontline in Bakhmut because of the “stupidity” of Russian commanders.

Prigozhin demanded the Russian Government provide his men with much-needed ammunition as he threatened to withdraw his mercenaries.

However, a UAF Storm Battalion Commander said Russian soldiers “fought to the end” to maintain their positions while Wagner men ran away.

The commander, identified only as Rollo, said: “Prigozhin is a liar, because the first to flee were Wagner.

“It was his unit that fled and our success is not due to the fact that they fled but the fact that we conducted a planned assault by circumventing and cutting them off.

“Actually, the unit he’s badmouthing fought to the end. His Wagners were the first to flee.”

Prigozhin and his men have become increasingly critical of the Russian Army and the generals handling Putin’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

He claimed the orders Russian soldiers deployed in the Bakhmut area had been “criminal” as he claimed his mercenaries were “continuing to fight in the western part” of Bakhmut.

Rollo told CNN that Ukrainian soldiers had been able to exploit the weather to push the next wave of counterattacks forward.

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He continued: “Everything was planned and calculated, and we had an advantage because we had armoured vehicles. This time the weather gave us a chance to use all our might and show what we’re capable of.”

Rollo also credited the latest intake of US-supplied HIMARS for the success UAF forces have been reporting in reclaiming Bakhmut.

The commander said the long-range rockets have allowed Kyiv’s troops to target Russia’s weapon reserves regardless of the distance.

He said: “Their reserves are too far away and this allowed us to destroy the enemy even as we approached them.

“We use unmanned aerial vehicles to see where they were concentrated, which enabled us to use our HIMARS for precision strikes.”

Ukrainian military commanders said Friday that their troops had recaptured more territory from Russian forces at the scene of the war’s longest and bloodiest battle, for the eastern city of Bakhmut.

The 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) of territory retaken by Ukrainian forces south of Bakhmut this week represented a significant gain and will protect an important supply chain.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said he met with the top military commanders Friday, noting that he heard a report from General Oleksandr Syrskyi whose forces “stopped the enemy and even pushed him back in some directions.”

Rollo said that the territorial gains occurred near the Siversky-Donets canal, between the villages of Ivanivske and Kurdiumivka.

He added: “This was the enemy’s bridgehead which they intended to use in their future attacks along the canal, in the direction of Kostiantynivka.

“We had to neutralize the enemy and push them to the other side of the canal.”

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