University of Calgary member tests positive for coronavirus

A member of the University of Calgary community has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, the school announced Monday night.

In a series of tweets, the U of C said the member “did everything right and was not on campus while exhibiting symptoms.”

The university did not say whether the person was a student, faculty member or staff member, or how the person contracted the virus.

The university said it would support any faculty and staff who wanted to work from home. For those who didn’t have that option, the school said it would “provide extra training to enhance your safety and increase social distancing measures.”

The U of C moved to “alternative-delivery classes” as of Tuesday, though the campus itself remained open amid the COVID-19 outbreak, meaning students were attending classes remotely.

“We will continue to provide services to our community, albeit much of it through remote delivery,” the university tweeted Monday night, adding it would continue to keep the campus update on the evolving virus situation.

The university’s libraries and computer labs remained open as of Monday, though recreational facilities were closed.

The City of Calgary declared a state of local emergency on Sunday in an attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

The government of Alberta has also cancelled all grade school classes for the remainder of the school year, but didn’t recommend the full closure of post-secondary institutions.

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