Unsettling moment daughter is found in loft after beheading mum in shock attack

Chilling footage of the moment police officer's found a killer daughter hiding in an attic moments after she beheaded her mum has emerged.

Odessa Carey, 36, was escorted out of the attic of a rented property by armed police in April last year.

She was arrested on suspicion of murdering her mum, also Odessa Carey, 73, after cops found her mum’s head in a bag for life under the sink.

A jury at Newcastle Crown Court on Wednesday ruled Carey’s actions caused the 73-year-old’s death, but she could not be found guilty of murder because she had been suffering a schizophrenic episode at the time of the incident.

Carey was deemed unfit to stand in the trial of the facts, but a friend close to the 36-year-old admitted to cops she carried the head around with her and kissed it in front of a friend.

  • Police officer found mum's human head inside bag for life under daughter's sink

  • Daughter 'pulled mum's severed head out of carrier bag and kissed it'

Forensic scientist John Newell told the hearing that it was likely Odessa was struck with a mallet before being beheaded with knives and scissors.

Now, an eery recording from the moment armed officers found Carey sitting in the loft when police turned up to arrest her.

In the clip, Carey can be seen at the back of the attic wearing a pink jumper looking into the distance.

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She does not respond to police calls, and continues to look at the floor, but does look up once as sounds of boots flood the loft.

Carey will reappear at Newcastle Crown Court on Thursday for sentencing.

Speaking after the judgement today, Ms Carey Snr's grief-stricken family called her a "loving, caring woman.”

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An emotional statement read: "Our mam will be sadly missed by all – her sons, daughter, her brothers and sisters, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews and friends.

"Sadly she was taken from us in a horrific and vicious attack by our younger sister, who had suffered mental health issues for many years.

"Our mam was a loving, caring woman who would help anyone that needed it.

"She also loved to talk to anybody she met. She was taken from us too soon and had a lot more to give.

"We believe that the mental health system failed us and vast improvements need to be made.

"It is too late for our mam and sister, but hopefully they will learn from our tragic loss and stop others from going through the same heartbreak.

"Our wounds will never heal, and we will miss our mam every single day."

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