US election: Donald Trump cuts off 60 Minutes interview in frustration

The United States is precisely two weeks out from election day, and two days away from the final debate.

With that in mind, Joe Biden has been mostly absent from the campaign trail, using the time to prepare for the debate.

President Donald Trump is taking the opposite approach and continues to hold massive political rallies. This morning he spent the better part of an hour giving a wide-ranging interview to Fox News.

That interview didn’t seem to bother the President, but another one later in the day certainly did.

At about 4pm local time, Trump tweeted out a brief video of 60 Minutes reporter Lesley Stahl at the White House, shaming her for not wearing a mask.

It came after he had sat for an interview with Stahl, which is set to air on Sunday, alongside a separate one with Biden.

Pundits immediately assumed the chat did not go well, because why else would Trump decide to pre-emptively attack Stahl’s credibility? Their suspicions were quickly confirmed.

The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman reported Trump “abruptly cut off” the interview about 45 minutes in because he “had grown irritated” with Stahl’s line of questioning.

He then refused to participate in a planned “walk and talk” segment alongside Vice President Mike Pence.

Trump followed up his initial tweet with a second, in which he completely denounced the interview and threatened to post it online.

Fox News cites a source who says the interview was “extremely hostile”. CNN’s Kaitlan Collins confirms there was “some drama”.

You’d have to think 60 Minutes’ viewership on Sunday will be fairly high, particularly with Trump drawing so much attention to the interview.

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