Vancouver comic paralyzed from waist down after accident on ‘Batwoman’ set

A Vancouver comedian is staying positive and hopeful that she’ll be able to walk again after getting seriously injured on the set of the Batwoman TV show.

Amanda Smith was working as a production assistant beneath the Georgia Viaduct during filming of the CW superhero show Wednesday when the bucket of a telehandler was lowered onto her head.

“They, unfortunately, did not see me where I was, and I did not hear the lift move and I didn’t notice that it had aligned directly above my head,” she told Global News from hospital Sunday.

“It wasn’t until it made contact with my body that I was able to scream and let somebody know that I was underneath it.”

Crew members immediately rushed to Smith’s aid and got her to Vancouver General Hospital for an emergency spinal surgery, after doctors discovered her spinal cord and the nerve itself had been damaged in multiple places.

She now can’t feel anything from the waist down but is going through the beginning stages of rehab to try and change that.

“I’m in a chair that is getting me used to sitting upright,” she said. “The idea is for me to do that a few hours a day before I hopefully … get blood rushing into my legs and lower abdomen.”

If she does regain feeling in her legs, Smith will have to learn how to walk all over again.

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