Wedding guests slammed for ‘ignoring Covid-19 rules’ to party with bride

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A wild wedding was forced to shut down when guests had to be kicked out because they "refused to follow coronavirus rules".

Video of the lavish nuptials in Sydney, Australia, shows the bride and groom dancing with a large crowd of guests inside The Renaissance wedding venue in Lidcombe.

The country is currently facing an upturn in coronavirus cases and, yesterday, the state of Victoria reported its worth daily death toll since the beginning of the pandemic.

Dozens of suited men are seen cheering in high spirits and some even jump on the table while the newlyweds join them for a dance.

They do not appear to be following any social distancing rules as they fill up the dance floor to congratulate the couple.

Up to 150 people can attend a wedding in New South Wales but guests must follow a venue's coronavirus guidelines.

Among the rules are the bride and groom being the only once allowed on the dance floor. The footage from The Renaissance shows that was clearly not the case.

The footage, which was shared to Facebook, was slammed by viewers who labelled the ceremony "totally selfish" and "upsetting".

"A lot of couples have had to put their wedding on hold. Why are these people so special?" one asked.

Others suggested the guests should have to do a 14-day quarantine.

According to 7News, management at The Renaissance was forced to kick guests out on Sunday night after they refused to follow the Covid-19 safe plan.

Australian Deputy Chief Medical Officer Michael Kidd, who is aware of the clip, said the scenes at the wedding were "beyond disappointing" and could put "lives at risk".

He told the site in an interview on Thursday: "It’s really unacceptable that people are not taking this incredibly seriously.

"Lives are at risk when people take into their own hands their decisions to breach the rules and regulations which have been put in place to protect us all."

He also stressed the importance of following the guidelines to stop spreading Covid-19.

"We can have people who have no symptoms or very mild symptoms who are still infectious to other people," he explained.

"It’s really important people in NSW are adhering to measures that are in place.

"We can’t afford to have large numbers of unknown cases starting to appear in NSW."

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